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Thursday, May 22, 2008
One Less Cinderella
On my iPod is found a wide variety of music from AC/DC to Yo Yo Ma. Someplace in between is a song by award winning gospel music artist Steven Curtis Chapman called Cinderella. It is a song about precious moments shared between daddies and daughters. Let’s face it – daughters can get anything they want from their fathers just by calling them “daddy”.

But I digress.

Chapman wrote this song about his two young daughters which he and his wife adopted from China. You might wonder why I’m taking time to write about this today. Well, yesterday, Chapman’s five year old daughter Maria was killed in a tragic car accident at the family residence in Nashville.

I am the proud daddy to my spitfire of a daughter known here as Corderinha. She is five. Chapman’s Cinderella song could have just as easily been written about her. My heart goes out to this daddy whom I do not know, but whose grief I understand. There’s one less Cinderella in this world today.

Godspeed, Maria.

Here endeth the lesson.
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