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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Thoughts On "Rained Out" Football And Halloween-Free Schools
When the time comes to trace the catalysts which led to the downfall of Western Civilization, among the principle events to be noted will be the decisions made by school administrators to reschedule high-school football games because of rain and also to prohibit grade school students from wearing costumes to school on Halloween.

Yes, the skies did open last week over the Commonwealth of Virginia. Evidently this was a major catastrophic event because all of the high school football games in my county were rescheduled for this Monday. Granted, this is as close as most of the players will ever get to playing on Monday Night, but let’s get serious here. Football is not a weather sensitive sport – with the obvious exception of lightning. If it rains, football is played. If it snows, football is played. Football is even played when the fog is so thick the quarterback cant’ even see the defensive linemen. Football is not cancelled or rescheduled for rain unless the field is under more than a few feet of standing water.


Today is Halloween, but you wouldn’t know it by visiting any of the neighborhood schools. It seems that we as a general society have become so sensitive to the feelings and sensitivities of event the smallest group of people that we shudder at even the very thought of possibly offending one person.

My son Corderinho’s school sent home a note last week reminding parents that the school does not celebrate or in any other way recognize Halloween. No candy, no pumpkins, no ghosts, ghouls or other representations would be permitted at school. Wearing anything that could remotely be considered a “costume” was prohibited.

While I understand the reasoning behind this Halloween ban, I fail to see the logic in it. Part of the purpose in school is to have fun and to encourage creativity. A few lifetimes ago when I was in High School (where we played football in the rain) a group of guys got together and came up with a unique costume idea.

Their costumes consisted of white sweat shirts and pants with white skull caps. Each sweat shirt bore the lettering:

Fallopian Swim Team
Well, at least you know they paid attention in Biology.

Here endeth the lesson.
Thursday, October 04, 2007
Condensed Motherhood
This about made me fall out of my chair. I knew there was a Cliff's Notes primer on motherhood. I just didn't know it had been put to the William Tell Overture.

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