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Monday, May 07, 2007
Every City Has Its Idiot
In Salt Lake City, they call that idiot “Mayor”.

Last Friday, Sean Hannity flew to Salt Lake City to debate Mayor Ross “Rocky” Anderson. I call it a debate using only the most liberal definition of that word because the whole exchange (most of which can be seen here) only showed Anderson’s ability to parrot the Daily Kos talking points he gets every morning. Anderson is and has been a huge embarrassment to Salt Lake City for his entire tenure as its mayor.

He’s spent more time flying around the country protesting against the W Administration than he has governing Salt Lake City. Even when he’s in town, he only shows his fact at protest rallies. Perhaps I’m being a bit too judgmental. He did, after all, take time to encourage city workers to avoid drinking bottled water thereby fighting global warming. I’m sure Salt Lake City residents are looking forward to the post-Anderson era.

Hollywood has no shortage of people vying to become the official village idiot. The list of applicants is long and less than distinguished but this week’s winner is none other than Paris Hilton. She’s won an all expense paid 44 night 45 day excursion to the Los Angeles County Jail courtesy of the taxpayers of the aforementioned county.

As it turns out, driving drunk whilst in the possession of a suspended driver’s license whilst on probation for DUI qualifies her for the aforementioned vacation. If you follow the link, you’ll read of her whining – and that of her mother – about the “cruel and unwarranted” to be inflicted on Ms. Hilton starting June 5th.

Memo to Paris: Stop whining. Your 45 day visit to LA County’s Guest House is what we in the real world refer to as “consequences”. Keep on your current course and you can expect more of them. I hope you like the shapeless orange jumpsuits.

Memo to Kathy Hilton: Stop whining. Perhaps if you’d taught Paris about consequences – perhaps taken away her toys or something – you might have been able to avoid this entire mess. Paris isn’t going to jail because she’s Paris. She’s going to jail because she’s stupid.

Stupidity has consequences, even in Los Angeles.

Here endeth the lesson.

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