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Thursday, March 22, 2007
The Last Room
There are those of you who have followed the seemingly never ending saga of Cordeiro Manor. Even if you haven’t, I’m sure those of you who have ever experienced any time of home improvement drama can understand the impetus behind this post.

Since purchasing and moving into Cordeiro Manor in 2003, the entire house has been remodeled. If I get really motivated, I’ll update this post with some before and after pictures so you get a better idea of the process. We came into the house after the previous owners had repainted the main and upstairs levels. Normally when somebody repaints a home, it’s a selling point. In our case, the previous owners simply took some beige construction grade flat paint and painted over every wall – outlet covers and light switches included.

Beige is a color which should be removed from all color wheels.

Even after the Contractor Fiasco – updates to be included in another post – there was one room which had remained untouched by the renovations. Yes, it got crown molding along with the rest of the rooms, and yes it got recarpeted as well, but the paint remained. The master plan, or perhaps I should refer to it as the Matron Plan as the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro is the principal author thereof, was for this last room to become Corderinha’s room when she out grew the Nursery.

Yes, I have a Nursery in my home. No Den, but yes, a Nursery.

Well, Corderinha recently turned four and in her not so humble way announced that she was no longer a baby and didn’t like sleeping in a crib. So, as a part of her birthday present, the conversion of the storage room to Princess Central began.

Paint. Lots of paint. Three different colors – Pink, Green, Purple. Three coats of white paint on a bedroom set purchased from a Craig’s List advertisement. Then of course came the decorations. I know nothing about decorations for a girl’s room. Never fear, the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro knew plenty. She came up with great ideas. What does that mean? It means Your’s Truly had to figure out a way to take her ethereal musings and somehow translate them to a physical reality.

Note to self: Block Home & Garden TV. Block The Learning Channel. Persuade ABC to cancel Extreme Home Makeover.

And, in case you were wondering, laser levels are a gift from the Almighty.

So, after much sweat and a little blood, the last room is done. The home I purchased some three years ago bears little or no resemblance to the home I now live in. My seemingly perpetual construction zone is now closed.

Well, mostly closed. I went out on my back deck yesterday to find that the recent high winds blowing through my neighborhood managed to pry loose the metal flue cap – the pipe which serves as a chimney for the furnace and water heater.

Sigh. Now I have to go borrow a ladder and climb up on the $#%&*@! roof.

Guess its time to make sure the life insurance premiums have been paid.
Ah, we do need pictures!

Your fans DEMAND them!

Ah the Ravishing Mrs. C. She has good taste! Every princess deserves a Princess room. Green, pink and purple, are very *in*.

You can block all the good channels, but there are still magazines and friends!


The roof. YIPES. I'm terrified of high places. HATE them.

However, I did put the shingles on my roof. yes, I did. I even have photos to prove it!

Be safe!

Give that princess a hug!
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