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Monday, March 12, 2007
The Dilemma
My professional travels have taken my to south Georgia for the week. As the closest airport is in Jacksonville, I had to rent a car to get me to my final destination.

I have never had a good relationship with rental cars. I usually get stuck with a non-descript four door sedan which serves its purpose in getting me from Point A to Point B with little trouble or excitement. Most of the time I go to the parking lot only to spend ten minutes trying to find my non-descript sedan in the sea of other non-descript sedans. You'd be surprised how much a Chevy Malibu looks like a Ford Taurus in the dark.

So today I land at Jacksonville International Airport and go through the motions of getting my checked baggage and finding my way to the Avis rental counter to pick up my non-descript sedan. The rental agent duly took my credit card and drivers license and disappeared behind the wall to get the keys.

He then reappeared with two sets of keys. "You have a choice," he said. "You can take the Chevy Malibu,

or for another $6 per day you can get the Convertible Mustang."

Yes, dear reader, there was my dilemma. Take the non-descript Chevy with the stock stereo system, or pony up the extra cash and get the Convertible Mustang. It didn't take me very long to solve my dilemma.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do own a 1999 Mustang hard top. I love the car. That said, I have come to the conclusion the next Mustang I get will be a convertible. Years ago, H. Jackson Brown, Jr wrote a book for his son who was departing for college. He called it "Life's Little Instruction Book". One of his "instructions" stated:
Once in your life, own a convertible.
After having cruised up I-95 with the top down at speeds to which I will not admit I have come to a sobering conclusion: I need a convertible.

And, just in case you were wondering, Mustangs don't perform well under 80 MPH. They just weren't designed for slower speeds.

Here endeth the lesson.
I've already once, owned a convertable.

Perhaps it is time for another go round.
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