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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
An Answer To One Of Life’s Great Mysteries
Like most red blooded American Men, I watched the Super Bowl last Sunday. I make a point of watching it every year regardless of who is playing. The Super Bowl is a celebration of all things uniquely American, and I like that kind of stuff.

I’m glad Peyton Manning finally got his ring. I’ve always liked the guy. He’s very good at what he does. When I played the game, I played on the interior defensive line – therefore I don’t have a lot of respect for Quarterbacks. Other than the Brett Favre of yesteryear, I’ve never seen a Quarterback make a block or tackle anybody. So when I compliment a Quarterback, just know it takes a lot for me to do so.

My respect for Manning pre-dates his first snap as a Colt. He played his college ball at Tennessee and had a phenomenally successful junior season. There was a huge amount of pressure for him to forego his senior year and turn pro before finishing college. Peyton turned down the stacks of greenbacks being waved in his face and finished out his college career. He took a great physical and professional risk to do that, and that’s why I respect him. Now he’s got his ring and can claim his rightful place among the great QBs ever to play the game.

Now, on to the point of this post. Every year I see the champion players and coaches take the field wearing T-Shirts and Ball Caps emblazoned with their team logos proclaiming them to be the champions. These trinkets must be produced prior to game time, so I’ve always wondered what happens to the T-Shirts and Caps proclaiming the loser to be the winner.

Well, Captain Ed has now answered one of life’s great mysteries. The relief organization World Vision takes the merchandise (in this case the Chicago Bears’ stuff) and ships it to the furthest nether regions of Africa with the requirement that the shirts and caps never see the shores of the US again.

No doubt there are some people in Chicago who, after going through the seven stages of grief, will take heart in knowing that someplace in Africa people think the Bears are Super Bowl Champs.
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