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Friday, January 20, 2006
Cordeiro Manor Update
Many apologies for the lack of substantive posting over the past few weeks. The stage two remodel of Cordeiro Manor is about to begin, and I've been busy pouring sweat equity into the project.

As Spock so eloquently stated (in the Wrath of Khan) when asked for his take on the Genesis Project, "It has always been easier to destroy than create". Thus I have been tasked by the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro to take up the hardwood flooring that was incorrectly laid by Bonehead Contractor.

For those of you who may have questions about the proper way to lay a hardwood floor, here are some pointers which will cost me about 2.5 large and a lot of sore muscles to learn:

1. Hardwood flooring is laid parallel, not perpendicular, to the floor joist. It is done this way so as to allow the floor to adjust to any settling of the house. Laying the flooring perpendicular to the floor joist will result in buckling. Its not a question of if, but when.

2. When you, or your (hopefully non-boneheaded) contractor begin laying the floor, it is secured to the sub-floor with staples, or some other fastener. These staples are usually applied with a compressed air gun. If your boneheaded contractor starts arming the compressed air gun with staples that are more than 1 inch long, kick him squarely in the crotch and introduce his face to the curb.

Like I said, I've learned these two lessons the hard way.

On the Legal front, Bonehead Contractor came before the circuit court a few weeks ago and attempted (through his shiester lawyer) to claim he had no responsibility for the actions of his Operations Manager. He stated this (in very pathetic testimony from the witness stand) despite the fact the company bears his name and the contractor's license is issued to him. I didn't buy it. The county regulators didn't buy it. More importantly, the judge didn't buy it.

Bonehead Contractor now has a criminal record (misdemeanor though it may be). Civil case to be tried in about a month or so.

On a lighter note, its Championship Weekend. My beloved Broncos host the Steelers this Sunday at Mile High Stadium. The Steelers are a formidable team, let there be no doubt about it. That said, the Broncos are very unforgiving when it comes to opponent mistakes. Champ Bailey won't be nailed at the one-yard line again. Make us proud, boys. Go Broncos!
Um. Oh dear.

*Laughing* (only bout the Bronco's)

Sorry about the manner.

Just think, what you have learned, that otherwise would have escaped your first hand knowledge forever.

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