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Friday, December 23, 2005
Cordeiro Legends - Christmas Advent
As most of my Sitemeter rated 5 readers may know, I am an Army Brat. For the untrained ear, that means I spent the first 19 years or so of my life hopscotching around the United States, Germany, and Korea as my father was transferred according to the whims of the United States Army.

Thus, my family's Christmas traditions are a patchwork of American, European, and other cultures we encountered during our travels. One tradition we brought back from Germany was the tradition of Advent.

To make a long explanation a little less detailed, Advent is an event taking place during the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Family members gather around the table, light the candles of the Advent Carousel or similar spinning structures and singing Christmas Carols.

Each week another candle is added, and by Christmas Eve the Carousel spins like a ceiling fan.

When this tradition started, Mother Cordeiro was very strict about the type of carols we were to sing. There was to be no 'ad-libbing' of carols like Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer. Elvis' Blue Christmas was absolutely forbidden.

As the years have progressed, the Cordeiro family gathers around the table much less frequently - most years the Sunday ritual is patched together on something resembling a teleconference using the Cordeiro land line and several cell phones. Each family member, going from youngest to oldest, picks a carol. Free weekend minutes make it much easier.

The songs sung have changed with the passage of time. Somehow Elvis was finally allowed in, and the 12 Days of Christmas (complete with live action on each of the different days) is a spectacle to be both seen and heard, as long as you're not offended by a very (and purposely so) loud and off key rendition.

I'm not sure the Germans would recognize their tradition if they were to see how the Cordeiro family has "modified" it. I'm sure there's an anthropological study in there somewhere.
Hey Traditions are modified for each family!!! and you have to love Elvis.. He lives you know..
Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Curiosity abound... what are the odds of this being said "Cordeiro" whom brought perspective and conscious to an Air Force Base in the middle of the country in the mid to late 1990's? A former Safety Airman [94-96] from New England inquires...

Sorry to say I'm not that Cordeiro. Good to know another is keeping the name in good stead though.
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