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Monday, November 21, 2005
Cordeiro Manor Update
The Wheels of Justice are turning.

Since our last episode, the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro and I journeyed to the local courthouse for a preliminary hearing on our case against the Contractor. He is currently looking at pursuit from three separate avenues (County, State, and Civil). All three fuses are burning toward him, and they are getting closer by the day.

We walked into the courtroom with our lawyer, and were experienced the civil justice system for about 90 minutes. After hearing our case called, I took stock of the Contractor's lawyer (he, of course lacked the cajones to show up himself). Just in case you ever have to hire a lawyer, its a bad sign if said lawyer shows up to a hearing and leafs through a state law book frantically before he presents your case.

He attempted to take our case apart mostly by challenging the grammar of the complaint. It took the judge all of three minutes to deny his motion to dismiss. He was then given two weeks to reply to the complaint - and he took every single minute of those two weeks - which were up last Friday.

He now denies all responsibility (big surprise) and so now we go forward with a trial date.

The more time this guy stalls, the less inclined I am to settle for anything less than the full damage amount.

Stay tuned.
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