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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Hardball (Cordeiro Manor Update)
Well, its been over 30 days since the Contractor did any work on the Cordeiro Manor Remodel. The Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro and I have given him every opportunity during this time to make good on the contract.

And still, Cordeiro Manor sits in its unfinished and nearly unliveable condition.

So, today, the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro and I did something the Contractor will most likely consider "Rash". We hired a lawyer.

For those of you familiar with the story of the Cordeiro Manor remodel, you'll know that I have been more than patient with the Contractor. I was fully prepared to deal with the late completion date and the budget over runs. These things happen. But then he made my bride cry, and that's when it became personal.

I don't know what kind of assets he has, or how a judgment will affect his life - and frankly I don't care. He's stolen from me - there is no other term I can use to describe his actions. Stealing is a crime, and crimes have consequences.

Only time and the legal process will tell what his consequence will be.

Almost as a joke, I've put a Paypal donation button on the sidebar. If you have a few Large you don't know what to do with, and you want a bathroom, floor, or stairway named in your honor, drop it in the bucket. I know my readers pretty well, and none that I know of fit the description of someone with money they don't know what to do with. Still, I have been known to be wrong, on occasion.

You hush, Cinnabari.
Ye gads~

When this bride cries, action of gargantuan proportions.

My best in your pursuit of justice.
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