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Monday, June 27, 2005
What I Learned Today
It's something I ask the kids, so I figured I'd share a little of what I learned today.

1. The Air and Space Museum Annex is a really cool place to visit.
2. Some women just shouldn't wear a Hooters T-shirt.*
3. There are some old, bold pilots.**

I guess numbers 2 and 3 bear some explaining.

First, Number 2. Before you go off thinking I took my two children to Hooters for lunch, you might want to reconsider. First, I've never been to Hooters, though I pass by one every day on my way home from work. Even if I had been to one, I wouldn't admit it here. Actually, we were at a Pizza Hut when I learned the truth of Statement #2.

And finally, Number 3. I have an Uncle (hereafter referred to a Ed) who made a career out of flying. He learned to fly back when men actually flew by the seat of their pants. Back when breaking the sound barrier was something unthinkable. Back when Neil Armstrong was looking up at the moon and figuring it would be a really cool place to visit.

He's been up in more aircraft than even he can remember and says any landing you walk away from is a good landing. I'm sure he's been in more than his fair share of "hard" landings.

Anyway, over at the Air and Space Annex, there is an F-86A on display. Well, as history would have it, Uncle Ed flew this F-86 all the way across the country. Fighter aircraft aren't designed for long hauls, so the trip from where he started to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland took well over 16 hours. Evidently 16 hours in the cockpit of an F-86 is a long time. By the time he reached Andrews AFB it was late night/early morning. On final approach to Andrews, just when he can see the end of his journey, he loses all cockpit lights. This makes landing very tricky - I guess it helps to see the instrument panel. So, the always prepared Uncle Ed pulls a tiny flashlight from his flight suit and lands the F-86 with his hands on the stick and throttle, his feet on the rudder pedals, and a flashlight between his knees.

There's one Old Bold Pilot for ya.
Gotta love the guys.. They are unbreakable and unbendable.. Stubborn and strong willed, but has tremendous integrity..
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