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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Reason #8,347 Why I'm Not A Bishop
My wife, the ravishing Sister Cordeiro, has a thankless job.

She's the Primary President. You know these women. They're the ones who take your children for two hours on Sunday, and barring any meltdowns or diaper explosions allow you to enjoy those hours in a childless state. She's basically responsible for teaching something resembling the gospel to kids ages 3-12.

Personally, I think I'd rather serve as a javelin catcher for the US Olympic Track Team.

The latest in a series of issues to confront the ravishing Sister Cordeiro is, hold on to your seats because this is a real salvation issue here, Nursery Toys.

We share a building with two other wards. This is not uncommon, with the possible exception that, due to a zoning issue with the county our building is about 80% the size it should be. But that is a murmur for another post.

Nursery Toys aren't usually much to speak of. Their sole purpose is to keep the nursery children from burning the church house to the foundation. As our building is relatively new, it was decided that the toys would be shared between the three wards.

Well, that lasted for about six months. Now, Ward #3 has decided to lock up "their" toys because one child came down with a virus that the parents swear must have come from a toy "infected" by "those kids from one of the other wards". Ward #3's toys have been put under lock and key (in a very clear violation of stated church policy by the way as the lock is not one issued by the church) and a notice has been put forth declaring these toys to be off limits to any one but people from Ward #3.

This issue is so important that it has taken up a good deal of time in PEC and bishops from both wards have become involved.

There are so many things people could spend time and energy worrying about.

Nursery Toys don't fall into that category.

There are many reasons why I'm glad I don't sit in the big chair. This is only one of them.
I cannot understand why nursery toys become such an issue. It's beyond me why wards can't share them nicely. I've been in more than my chare of nurseries and the ones that share toys go much more smoothly.

Really, they're just toys!

One more pet peeve though- why do we keep the old and broken toys?
"One more pet peeve though- why do we keep the old and broken toys?"

My guess would be that whenever something becomes part of a "collective" everyone thinks that someone else will take care of it...loss of personal responsibility and accountability because everyone is unsure where the authority to dispose of toys lies.... Kinda silly in this case, as the responsibility should lie with whatever leaders are handing out toys to the kids. A toy breaks, it is no longer a toy, dispose of it. Sometimes it's a hard call, and too much trouble to decide. I've seen leaders get in there and clean out the broken toys; it's a gratifying feeling!
I was the Primary counc. over the nursery until just recently and we even have "separate" nursery rooms for each ward.. I live in the South so our Nursery is small.. Even in our "room" we have 3 cabinets with combination locks on them.. It is easier to take stuff from the library than it is the nursery room.. :)
May I add your blog to my list?
I have to note that in the old building we shared, not only did the other ward decide to divide the toys between "theirs and ours" but they kept as obviously theirs ones that I had brought (and not donated, merely loaned), including some customized items (knotted ropes for leading kids with, that sort of thing) that were pretty distinctive.

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