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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Father's Day Recap
Things around Cordeiro Manor have been somewhat hectic. The remodel continues, now three weeks behind schedule and the contractor seems to have a problem actually getting work done.

For those of you who have never seen The Money Pit (the one with Tom Hanks and What's Her Name from Cheers), Cordeiro Manor is starting down that path.

Some how in the midst of the confusion - we are also preparing for a Grandparent Onslaught in mid-July for Cordeirinho's baptism - the Ravishing Sister Cordeiro got me an incredible Father's Day present.

A 42" Plasma Screen for the basement theater (which will also serve as a Craft Room/Office).

Let the record show my wife rocks!
You are ONE lucky dude.. All my dh got were Levi shorts.. Granted I had to buy them at the big and tall shop, still not a plasma TV..
You are ONE lucky dude!

I have seen the money pit, and I can sympathize.

Keep us posted, and happy chatting and WATCHING!
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