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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Who Put Me In Charge?
Someplace along the pathway of life, I became an adult. I'm not sure when it happened. I can't pin down the date. It must have been a process. I lost a lot of the Young And Irresponsible mantra when I went to serve a mission in Brazil. A little more of that mantra got lost when I married the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro.

I'm pretty sure the last remnants of the Mantra were obliterated with the birth of my son, Corderinho. Suddenly and irreversibly, I was (and still am) directly Responsible for the well being of a family (now consisting of the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro and two children).

There is part of me that misses the Young and Irresponsible Mantra. That's part of the reason I drive a Mustang. I will fight the Minivan Syndrome right down to my last breath.

So now, instead of Circuit City and Best Buy, my hard earned currency goes to Contractors and Home Depot. I go to Parent Teacher Conferences instead of movies. I watch Dora the Explorer with my daughter, Corderinha, instead of Law & Order.

That might have to change during football season.

And yes, I know. The Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro is really the one in charge. I just pay the bills. :)
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