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Friday, April 15, 2005
How do you Politically Correct a Humn?
This is all Bonjo's fault. I get this IM from him pointing me to Feminist Mormon Housewives where some dear sister is complaining about the lyrics to Book of Mormon Stories. Evidently the "we must brothers be" got to her daughter. The comments on the post run the spectrum, some more off the wall then others.

In a broader sense, the question hit me (this question often hits me about many subjects) - What the hell are we doing?

Have we become so attenuated to this politically correct world that we can't even sing a Primary Hymn without wondering if the lyrics (not to mention the hand motions, but that's for another post) might make some over sensitive church member uncomfortable?

Let's not stop with Book of Mormon Stories. What about Ye Elders of Israel, As Sisters in Zion, Onward Christian Soldiers (for those of you anti-violence people), and A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief?

I know we need to be sensitive to the feelings of members and non-members alike. That said, I draw the line at rewriting the hymnal so that it might be a little less offensive to those seeking to be offended. One more reason why I'll never be a Bishop.
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