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Thursday, April 21, 2005
Cordeiro Manor and The Dilemma
In the continuing saga of the remodeling of Cordeiro Manor, I spent yesterday afternoon and most of the evening preparing the oversized deck for the sealing/staining process. The Fetching Mrs. Cordeiro dutifully gave me an early birthday present - a handheld power sander.

This is what homeownership has brought me to. I get things I need, but not necessarily what I want. In days gone by I would look for gadgets from Best Buy or Circuit City. These days I can't go into Home Depot or Lowes without dropping a few Bills* (not a few Clams* mind you) on stuff I never thought I needed but now can't get by without. I'm fearful of the day when I drop a few Large* in places like these.

I digress.

Also on last evening's agenda was a visit to a house that's currently on the market in a neighborhood close to us. The Fetching Mrs. Cordeiro has a keen eye for this kind of thing. The house we saw is quite impressive. Its about 4900 finished square feet, sits on a one acre plot, has lots of trees and a huge yard. Its younger than the current Cordeiro Manor by about 10 years. It also has a screened porch where I could sling my authentic brazilian made hammock so I could take a nap.

Ok...who am I kidding. I'm the Ward Mission Leader and the Fetching Mrs. Cordeiro is the Primary President. That, along with the Cordeirinhos, pretty much excludes me from being allowed a nap until sometime in early 2067.

Its also quite a few more Large than the current Cordeiro Manor.

The kitchen isn't as updated as the one we just put in the current Cordeiro Manor, and the interior would have to be re-painted to suit the demanding tastes of the Fetching Mrs. Cordeiro. Ok, Ok, I'm not all that thrilled with the paint either. That said, I usually just nod my head and say "Yes, Dear" when she shows me the colors she's picked out.

So, this is the dilemma. When we purchased Cordeiro Manor almost two years ago, I thought it was an incredible amount of money for a house. The one we saw yesterday is considerably more expensive, but I don't think its completely out of reach. Its even in the current ward boundaries...just to assuage those who might think I would move to get out of a calling.

That said, I believe the possible New Cordeiro Manor could put me in Unimaginable Debt for the rest of my natural life.

Stay Tuned. The Saga Continues.

*For those of you unfamiliar with my Monetary References, I use what is commonly referred to as Soprano Lingo (even though I don't watch the show). Here is the breakdown of Soprano Coinage:

$1 = 1 "Clam"
100 "Clams" = 1 "Bill"
10 "Bills" = 1 "Large"
Sopranos currency? That's how I was taught about money when I was a kid...
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