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Friday, March 25, 2005
The Re-Birth of Cordeiro's Musings
As you can see from the long list of recorded posts in the archives of this Blog, it is plain to see I've been posting my Musings here for quite some time. It all started as a place for me to post my thoughts on whatever came to mind, and I have made a point to do exactly that.

With the launch and success of Sons Of The Republic I find this space has become little more than a mirror of the SOTR Blog - absent the commentary of Bonjo and Thom the Blog Culler of course. The SOTR blog is primarily politically motivated - as anyone who reads it quickly finds out.

I do, on occasion have Musings that transcend the political realm. I'd like to explore them more fully and see if they're worth sharing. That said, I've decided to change the focus of this blog from political commentary to commentary on just about anything else I care to write about.

Thus, I present you with a renovated Cordeiro's Musings Blog complete with pirated template. I hope you like what you read. If you do, please drop me a comment. If you don't like what you read, well that's you're own lack of taste in blogs.

Let's see where this takes me.
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