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Friday, February 04, 2005
The Hug Felt Round The World
The MSM has made much of the embrace shared between Safia Taleb al-Souhail and Janet Norwood during the SOTU address on Wednesday. Most of it has been moving, positive, and respectful. But for some reason, the MSM cannot just leave it at that. Not ten minutes after the address had finished, Chris Matthews and his posse over at Hardball - soon to be renamed Hardheaded Whiffleball - started wondering whether or not the embrace was staged for political gain.

Chris and company have a complete lack of ability to understand or relate to Red State America.

You see, Americans can tell the difference between a staged media event and a spontaneous outpouring of emotion between two women bound by tragedy and strengthened by hope for the future. We grew accustomed to staged events during Clinton's sorry excuse for an Administration.

Mrs. Norwood would never allow herself to be used in such a manner. Why? Because she is a mother. More importantly, she is the mother of a United States Marine. Using her son to get fifteen minutes of fame would dishonor his sacrifice and tarnish the honor of his memory. Mrs. Norwood knows that as does her husband. They are the epitome of the heartland of this great nation.

The MSM would do well to steer clear of taking potshots at a Marine's Mother. Offending the USMC as a group is not something I highly recommend.
The thin-skinned people at MSM actually wake up each day want want to end their lives because of acts like this. People who care. Who have humanity. They also cannot stomach the reality of war and that it affects both sides. Safia Taleb al-Souhail felt the affects of war. So does Janet Norwood.
There is a sign - on a military cemetery where I work. The last sentence bites at me every time I ride past. "We must remember, only the dead have seen the end of war"
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