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Monday, December 06, 2004
I had such hopes for Harry Reid
I did. I swear.

I had hoped that he would've learned from his predecessor, Tiny Tommy Daschle - the soon to be former Senate Minority Leader whose next job is wondering what he's going to do now that he actually has to live in South Dakota.

South Dakota is wondering what it will do with Tiny Tommy. Perhaps his travel visa will be revoked. But I digress.

Harry (I haven't come up with a nickname for him yet - feel free to suggest one) went on Meet the Press on Sunday. Rather than attempt to bring some semblance of comprehension to the Democratic Party, Harry evidently spent the night studying Tiny Tommy's playbook. A complete transcript of the interview can be found here.

Some highlights of the exchange:

MR. RUSSERT: Private accounts for Social Security--the president has made that a priority of his domestic agenda. Will you work with him in privatizing part of Social Security?

SEN. REID: Tim, I can remember as a little boy my widowed grandmother with eight children. She lived alone, but she felt independent because she got every month her old age pension check. That's what this is all about. The most successful social program in the history of the world is being hijacked by Wall Street. Yes, Social Security is a good program. And if the president has some ideas about trying to improve it, I'll talk to him, and we as Democrats will, but we are not going to let Wall Street hijack Social Security. It won't happen. They are trying to destroy Social Security.

MR. RUSSERT: No private accounts?

SEN. REID: They are trying to destroy Social Security by giving this money to the fat cats on Wall Street, and I think it's wrong.

That, dear reader, is straight from the Tiny Tommy playbook. Back in September, I commented at length regarding the realities facing Social Security. Harry would do well to read that. He needs to remember that my Social Security funds are mine and I would prefer that he keep his hands off my decisions regarding my retirement.

After reading the interview transcript and the barbed attacks aimed at W, Big Time, and Clarence Thomas, I can only arrive at the conclusion that Harry is attempting to follow in the footsteps of Tiny Tommy.

Harry, you and Tiny Tommy share some remarkable similarities. You are, as he was, a Blue Senator from a Red State. Next time you go to the White House, look closely at the roof. Someplace up there on a pike is Tiny Tommy's political head.

Best to shred the Tiny Tommy playbook, Harry.

Here endeth the lesson.

I am disappointed, too. Reid doesn't line up with the First Presidency's statements on the defense of marriage, either.... *sniff* Too bad. Really.
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