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Thursday, November 11, 2004
The Bell Tolls for Arafat
It is sad to know that the death (finally) of one man may serve as a catalyst to bring a semblance of peace to a region defined by war.

Yasser Arafat has long served as little more than an obstacle for peace and a catalyst for terrorism. As much as I hate to disagree with Jimmy Carter, Arafat was not a "powerful human symbol" for uniting Palestinians in their pursuit of a homeland. He was a man who fought tirelessly for the destruction of the only democracy in the Middle East. He was a man who funded and otherwise encouraged the systematic use of suicide bombing as a way to get his point across.

He was a terrorist. He was a murderer. He was a despicable human being. He oppressed the people he claimed to fight for. He lowered them so as to raise himself. I do not mourn his passing. I, and I believe I am not alone, am glad he is dead and hope his successor will actually do something constructive for the Palestinian people and pursue a lasting peace with Israel. Hope springs eternal.

Good riddance Yasser.

Here endeth the lesson.
The difference between a Terrorist and a Freedom Fighter?
He Who Wins.
Who writes the history. Was William Wallace a Terrorist? Yes. He lost. Was Yasser Arafat a terrorist? Yes. He died before he could win. There are no "after the bell tolls I get extra points for liberating my people even though I was dead when it happens" points. Israel won. They starved, bombed, walled, and just plain mucked and gutted their way until they did not have any opponent left. Winners win. Winners write the history. Winners cross the finsish line and have no regrets. Peace in the Middle East? Isn't that for Armegheddon and God to sort out? I seem to miss sometimes the war to end all wars, dead to be burried for 7 years afterwards, and in the End, Jesus Christ and His touchdown on the Mount of Olives.
Yasser was not a help to end war - but a facilitator and a killer himself. (can dead people sue me for lible and slander?) Yasser was not a solution, but the problem with no solution.
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