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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
View From An Earhole - Redux
Sometimes the blatant, arrogant, unilateral stupidity of some people just astounds me. No sooner has Dan "Stark Raving Naked" Rather pulled his head from the turf having made a fool of himself in front of the watching public than his place is taken (sort of anyway) by The New York Times.

I will defer to Bonjo for a rehearsal of the details surrounding the immediately debunked claim of missing explosives in Iraq. It seems that said explosives have now been found - they all went off in the collective face of The New York Times.

Returning to the ever present football metaphor, defensive linemen often get in a rut. After so many pass plays, they become accustomed to blowing by the offensive blockers with little regard for what or who they run past - including the ball carrier. It is at this time intelligent offensive coordinators call draw plays and screen passes - types of plays that usually leave over zealous defenders looking out their collective ear holes.

The media is so desperate to toss W out of the White House that they will believe anything that could possibly further their cause. Their cause has become so desperate that any appearance of neutrality has been tossed to the side.

One good thing can be said of this debacle. At least Dan Rather isn't all by himself in looking like an ass. He's just been joined by the collective at The New York Times.

Enjoy the spotlight.
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