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Thursday, October 07, 2004
Gloves are off
For those of you interested in what W actually said in Wilkes-Barre, PA yesterday, you can read the transcript of his remarks here. The long and the short of this speech is - the gloves are coming off, and there just might be some brass knuckles heading for Lurch and Company.

The speech is on message, on point, and takes direct aim Lurch's 20 year record, or lack there of, in the US Senate.

Twenty-seven days from today Americans will make a critical choice.

My opponent offers an agenda that is stuck in the thinking and the policies of the past. On national security, he offers the defensive mindset of September the 10th: a global test to replace American leadership, a strategy of retreat in Iraq and a 20-year history of weakness in the United States Senate.

Here at home, he offers a record and an agenda of more taxes and more spending and more litigation and more government control over your life.

The race for president is a contest for the future, and you know where I stand.

I'm running for president to keep this nation on the offensive against terrorists, with the goal of total victory.

I'm running for president to keep this economy moving so every worker has a good job and quality health care and a secure retirement.

I'm running for president to make our nation a more compassionate society, where no one is left out, where every life matters.

I will carry this message to my fellow citizens in the closing days of this campaign. And with your help, we will win a great victory on November the 2nd.

God bless. God bless our great country.

Well said, Mr. President. Lurch, the wind is coming.

Here endeth the lesson.

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