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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
When Anarchists Attack!
No, this is not the title of a new Fox TV reality show. I suppose it could be made into a reality show - and the ratings would be tremendous. Rupert, email me.

What I am referring to is the Sunday protest so ably infiltrated by our fellow Blogger - the now infamous Chainik Hocker. Read Thom's post for the link. I salute his courage in taking on the Long Haired, Dope Smoking, Maggot Infested FM types.

As I was wandering through the Blogosphere this morning, Instapundit's Glen Reynolds made mention of a video of Protest Warrior taken somewhere in the Sunday protest. These guys (and girls I think) have some serious stones. Man, do they drive the knuckle heads nuts! Blind Pig has the footage, or links to mirror sights where it can be downloaded. Take a look - turn the sound up, but be prepared to have your ears assaulted by the vulgarities hurled at the Protest Warriors by the aforementioned Knuckle Heads.

Big Salute to the Protest Warriors for a job very well done.
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