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Monday, September 13, 2004
View from an Earhole
Memo to Dan Rather: (By the way, we really need a nickname for this guy - suggestions are welcome)

The first thing you should do when you find your self in a hole, real or figurative, is stop digging. Of course, that would take all the fun out of watching you make a damn fool of yourself. With that thought, forget this memo ever happened. As it is real, and not a forgery, this should be easy for you to do.

More holes have developed in the CBS News/60 Minutes II story regarding W's service in the Air National Guard. Seems that not only do the documents come from someone who (a) did not type, and (b) did not keep "personal records", but now the document detailing pressure allegedly applied by Colonel Buck Stout to "sugarcoat" W's evaluation as a pilot is dated August 18, 1973.

That's all fine and good. Just one minor problem. Colonel Stout, USAFR became Colonel Stout, USAFR - Retired on March 1, 1972.

For those of you mathematically challenged people in the audience, I will confirm that anything dated in 1972 predates anything dated in 1973.

And what, pray tell, is the reaction by Rather/CBS/60 Minutes to this discrepancy?

This story is true. The questions we raised about then-Lieutenant Bush's National Guard service are serious and legitimate. Until and unless someone shows me definitive proof that they are not, I don't see any reason to carry on a conversation with the professional rumor mill. - Dan Rather to the Dallas Morning news

A CBS Staffer also stated that Colonel Stout could have possibly exerted influence on Texas Air National Guard Officials even though he was, in fact retired.

Seems to me that when Rather and Company find themselves in a hole, they ask not for a rope, but a steam shovel.
Re: Nickname for Rather:

I'd have thought it was obviuos: Blather.
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