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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
View from an Earhole (Part 2)
CBS will today issue a statement regarding the memos used in the W hit piece. They originally said they would release this statement at 12:00 pm (EST). They have since pushed the time to 3:30 pm (EST).

All this means is that Hannity will get to dissect the statement live On Air, and Rush will have to wait till tomorrow's broadcast.

I don't know what CBS/"Danny Boy" Rather/60 Minutes will have to say about the matter. I doubt it will be a full mea culpa. I seriously doubt Rather will be a part of the photo op.

All in all, one could say the bell is tolling slowly for the Mainstream Media Establishment. This election season may well result in the demise not just of Northeastern Liberals as a political force, but also of CBS as a pillar of the media establishment.

Good riddance to both, says I.
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