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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

View from an Earhole

If you ever wanted to know the expression on a lineman's face as he looks though his earhole after having his clock cleaned by an opponent, Dan "Stark Raving Naked" Rather has that expression captured above.

The CBS statement is not only and indictment of Rather's personal vendetta against W and Company, but also a look at the crumbling foundations of the media establishment. They wanted so badly for this to be true - some of them (Stark Raving Naked Rather included) are clinging to the accusations leveled by the fake documents.

The President must answer these allegations! they cry.
Go Pound Sand says the White House.

And, not nearly as deep in the shadows is it would like to be, slinks the Lurch-Breck Girl 2004 Campaign. Today it was reported that former Clinton Press Secretary Joe "What's the meaning of IS?" Lockhart was an integral part of the "unearthing" of the forged documents.

This, my friends, is where we learn the definition of collusion. It was at this point that CBS ceased to be a news gathering and reporting organization and became a news producing arm of the Lurch-Breck Girl 2004 Campaign. If you were looking for definitive evidence that, in fact, the Emporer (CBS/Dan Rather/60 Minutes) has no clothes - this is it. Hence the nickname "Stark Raving Naked".

This may be my last post on this issue, if for no other reason than the subject is just too damn easy to do. I like a writing challenge, and Stark Raving Naked Rather fails to meet that threshold any more.

Lurch addressed NYU yesterday about Iraq. As I was strapped to a dentists chair (a preferrable place to be when compared to listening to Lurch). I'll have commentary on that, and W's address to the UN later. I may even comment on Kofi.
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