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Thursday, September 09, 2004
Stuck in the Moment

You've got to get yourself together, you got stuck in the moment, now you can't get out of it. - Bono

This could well be the theme song to the Funeral Procession currently masquerading as the Lurch 2004 Campaign. They've been hit with broadsides on nearly every relevant issue. The SS Lurch is taking on water and the entire crew is standing around wondering what the buckets and pumps are for.

(Forgive me. I'm in the middle of reading - listening to actually - Patrick O'Brien's Master & Commander - The Far Side of the World. I digress.)

Lurch's primary problem (he has many) is the cornerstone of his campaign is a four month tour of duty in Vietnam as a Swift Boat commander. Never mind his stint as a prosecutor in Boston. Don't even mention his twenty years as the Junior Senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

(By the way, I finally came across a bill he co-sponsored. S.1341 would have banned the Beretta Model A 300. That said, Lurch gladly accepted this same rifle from a supporter on Tuesday. I digress, yet again.)

Lurch's secondary, and probably most glaring problem is his post-Vietnam activities. His anti-war efforts, blatantly false testimony before the Senate - while wearing combat ribbons improperly on a wrinkled battle fatigue uniform - followed by a decidedly leftist record as a democratic lawmaker makes him a very large target for his opponents.

Thus, every time he is attacked, justifiably so as this is part of the election process, Lurch cries foul, usually with a whining exclamation of "Don't you know I served in Vietnam?"

Yes, Lurch, we know. Both the President and Vice-President have gone to great lengths to praise you for your service to your country in time of war. W even went so far as to say that your service was more heroic than his, as you were in harm's way and he was not. The only people who have called into question your service records, and the medals that go along with it, are those who served beside you. They, of all people, have earned the right to criticize your military record even though you may not like it.

The Lurch 2004 Campaign is stuck in Vietnam. They can't seem to get out of it, because it seems that was the last time their candidate did anything remotely praiseworthy. This election is not about Vietnam. It is about this country at war with a very determined foe - and who is best suited to lead us during these turbulent times. My not so humble opinion is I would prefer to have a man in the Oval Office whose decisions are based on the current conflict, not one that ended 30 years ago.

One last digression. The Department of Defense found some more paperwork on W's Texas Air National Guard Service. After reading the media's collective orgasm over some pretty dull details, I found Byron York's explanation of the mind numbing details very informative. Read the whole thing.

Here endeth the lesson.

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