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Friday, September 24, 2004
Lurch's Doom & Gloom Tour
Yesterday, a very remarkable thing happened at the US Capital in Washington, DC. Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi delivered a speech before a joint session of Congress. In not so many words, he said Thank You.

We are succeeding in Iraq...Every day we grow in strength and determination to defeat the terrorists and their barbarism. As we mourn these losses, we must not forget the progress we are making ? we are fighting for freedom and democracy, ours and yours.

Thank you, America

We Iraqis know that Americans have made and continue to make enormous sacrifices to liberate Iraq, to assure Iraq's freedom. I have come here to thank you and to promise you that your sacrifices are not in vain.
Notable senators not in attendance included junior senators from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of North Carolina, otherwise known as the Democratic Presidential ticket of Lurch-Breck Girl 2004.

The speech was followed by a Rose Garden press conference in which the left leaning media took their best shots at W and Allawi. The two men stood steadfast together. One, the leader of the Free World, the other the leader of the most recent member of that world.

It was indeed a historic event. It was not merely the photo-op foreign policy show put on Clinton's Sorry Excuse for an Administration. Yassir Arafat was nowhere to be found. Seems he's traded in his frequent guest card for the Lincoln Bedroom and has been relegated to a crumbling bunker in Ramalla.

Now, pray tell, what was Lurch's reaction to the Allawi speech? Did he treat Allawi's remarks with the respect and dignity due to a foreign leader? Well, short answer there is No. He said this:
The prime minister and the president are here, obviously, to put their best face on the policy. But the fact is that the CIA estimates, the reporting, the ground operations and the troops all tell a different story.
Basically, he called W and Allawi liars. This from a man who claims to have the support of "foreign leaders". If elected (heaven forbid), Lurch will have to deal with Allawi, and my bet is he won't like Lurch's attitude.

I'd say its a pretty safe bet that W and Allawi are more and better informed as to the situation on the ground in Iraq than is Lurch. I know he is briefed (as are all presidential contenders) on foreign affairs, but the bottom line is the commanders in the field report to W. Is W trying to put the best face on the situation in Iraq? Yes. Is the situation in Iraq better than that reported by the left leaning mainstream press? Damn Straight it is.

Given the choice in believing what W and Allawi say versus believing what the Dan "Stark Raving Naked" Rather media types say, I'll take Team W any day of the week.

Here endeth the lesson.

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