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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
An Open Letter to Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA)
Dear Senator:

Today you took a pretty cheap shot at the Vice President of the United States. Here at Sons of the Republic, we like to call him 'Big Time'.

Vice-President Cheney rightly criticized your presidential candidate, also known here as 'Lurch', for his promise to wage a 'More Sensitive War' - whatever the hell that means. You, in turn, today referred to 'Big Time' as a Coward because he didn't serve in Vietnam. If you'll recall, Senator, you often referred to yourself as a Vietnam Veteran, only to be forced to amend that title to Vietnam-era Veteran when it was discovered the closest you came to combat was flying damaged aircraft from Japan to the Philippines for repair.

Lurch served four months in a combat zone. As of this writing, much of his alleged heroism is under scrutiny, and indeed in dispute. I, myself, am less concerned with actions three decades past and am much more concerned with the present.

I am curious, Senator, why it is that your candidate chooses to focus on a four month period three decades ago and not on the twenty years he has served in the US Senate. Could it be that there is no there there?

'Big Time' has served his country honorably in several different capacities in every branch of government save the Judical Branch. Given time, he may even serve there. He has been intricately involved in three wars in which his expertise and courage led to victory.

In the attacks of September 11th, he was the one in the bunker carrying out the orders of the President. Key decision were made. The nation was in crisis and he was calm. He did his duty in ways you cannot, in your small world view, understand.

Where were you in those early morning hours, Senator? Hiding under a desk? Mentally paralyzed as was your candidate?

One might ask if the botulism toxin he injects into his forehead has paralyzed what ever muscle exists between his ears. But I digress.

Bottom line, Senator - you have no standing with which to call, or refer to, Big Time as a coward. A man who lives in such a shoddily constructed glass house would do well not to throw large rocks. You do yourself a disservice and you dishonor the office which you hold, and the people you represent.

Here endeth the lesson.

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