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Sunday, August 29, 2004
Long Haired, Dope Smoking, Maggot Infested
Yes, I'm talking about the 200,000+ people getting ready to march on Manhattan. I passed a bunch of them on my way back from a church service this morning near Union Square. They have their cardboard coffins draped in (very) cheap american flags. I'll be pretty surprised if the flags survive the sunlight.

This group is made up of any and every anti-W person that could be trucked, bussed, or subwayed to Manhattan. They are not pro-Lurch. They're anti-government, anti-W, anti-Cheney, and any other anti you can come up with. They will make a lot of noise, scream a lot of profanities, and several of them will end up spending the night (and possibly a few days) in the New York City Jail system.

Hopefully they'll use that opportunity to take a shower.

In the mean time, the rest of America will watch them and realize these are the real people behind the Lurch Campaign. These are the people who want him in the Oval Office, and there's is the agenda he will implement if elected.

They will see this, and they will understand American cannot afford a Lurch presidency.

Stay tuned.
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