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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Random Thoughts on Headlines:
Sandy, Sandy, Sandy. 
Stuffing highly classified documents in your socks and shorts - all in full view of surveillance cameras and security personnel - is not exactly a smart move.  Some would even call it a felony.  At least we can rest assured said classified documents will not end up suddenly discovered in the White House Map Room.
I remember one other person who attempted to smuggle classified material in her unmentionables.  At least people were interested in seeing Fawn Hall's underthings.  Sadly, I feel sorry for anyone having to inspect Sandy Berger's drawers.
Go Lance!! 
Lance Armstrong has taken the lead in the Tour de France.  This, no doubt, enrages the French to no end, which, in turn makes me smile.  Lance is poised to win an unprecedented sixth Tour de France title.  I personally hope he takes a victory lap around France while draped in the American Flag and singing I'm Proud to be an American.
And finally, a suprising article.  Hat tip to Thom the Blog Culler for the link.  Andrew and Judith Kleinfield wrote an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal titled "Go Ahead, Call Us Cowboys".  It highlights the difference between two towns along the Alaska/Canada border and in doing so points out some of the traits somewhat unique to America.  Take the time to read the whole thing.  The read the italicized paragraph at the bottom.  You'll find that Mr. Kleinfeld is a judge on the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (affectionately called the 9th Circus).  Perhaps there is some intelligence on that court after all.

Go Lance!!!!
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