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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
On "Big Time" vs. "The Breck Girl"

Much will be made in the coming weeks and months about the elevation of John "Breck Girl" Edwards to Lurch's VP candidate. Thus far, the liberal mainstream media is quoting Lurch as saying he can't wait to see Edwards go "toe to toe" with Dick "Big Time" Cheney.

W had a one sentence reason as to why Big Time is a better VP than is Breck Girl:

Dick Cheney could be President.

I couldn't have said it better myself, but allow me to expound upon the W's argument.

Comparing Big Time and Breck Girl is actually quite easy. Just ask yourself the simple question - What have these two men accomplished in their lives?

Cheney is, by far, the most qualified man ever to serve in the office of Vice-President. He was the youngest White House Chief of Staff in the history of this nation. After serving there, he was elected five times as a Congressman (at large) from Wyoming. He served as Bush 41's Secretary of Defense and directed the victorious campaign that was Desert Storm.

Upon leaving that office, he took a job as the CEO of Halliburton. Despite what you read in the press, Halliburton is not an evil corporate entity. It is a multi-national oil company that is extremely good at what it does. Halliburton's success under Cheney was spectacular. Anyone with a ounce of financial understanding can see that.

One very important thing - Cheney ran a company. Cheney created jobs.

Edwards can never say that. You see, Edwards is a trial lawyer. That's a very nice term for someone who shows up at hospital emergency rooms looking for a huge payday. Trial Lawyers destroy companies, are responsible for the rising prices of everything from automobiles to health care, and are generally people not worth the price of their suits.

Edwards has spent five years in the Senate. His one saving grace may be that he accomplished more (right or wrong) than Lurch has in 19 years.

For those of you who think Breck Girl's courtroom charm can shake the confidence of a man whose metal has been tempered by many years in government service and business building, you might want to reconsider your bets.
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