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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Joe Wilson obviously didn't get my memo.  Either that, or he can't read.  Both are possibilities.

Joe whines in today's LA Times, attempting to pull a Hillary by claiming to be the target of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Smear Machine.  I'm amazed at his ability to look reality in the face and declare it to be a farce.

Ok, Joe, maybe I need to explain it to you one more time.  The only reason you've received so much criticism over the past week is because you've made yourself such a big, inviting, and easily hit target.  The bottom line is, you accused W of lying to the American people.  Fine, you can say what you want.  Just don't be surprised when, after several sources confirmed the validity of W's comments regarding Iraq's desire to purchase Yellowcake, you are hit with broadsides from those you took shots at.  Its called payback.  Washington DC is famous for it.

Whine all you want, but facts are facts.  Here are some of them:

Your wife, Valerie Plame, did in fact recommend you for that mission to Niger.  Get over it, we know.  Don't believe me.  Fine.  Believe the New York Times - no friend of the Right Wing by any stretch of the imagination.

Saddam did, in fact, attempt to buy uranium from Niger.  Don't believe W?   Fine.  Ask the Brits.

Intelligence, as your wife is no doubt well aware, is a very inexact science no matter how confident the spooks may be.  Decisions must be made, and action must be taken based very often on incomplete information.  If terrorists, dictators, and rogue nations published their plans and intentions on the front page of the Washington Post, life would be different.  They don't.  The only time we're 100% sure what they're going to do is when they've already done it.

A President is responsible for taking the best course of action based on the available information.  Colin Powell once stated the following:

Use the formula P=40 to 70 where P stands for the Probability of Success and the number indicates the percentage of information acquired.  Once the percentage of information is in the 40-70 range, GO WITH YOUR GUT!

W made a decision based on the information he had.  Most of that information has since turned out to be well founded.  Some of it was not.  That is the world in which we live.

All of us, it seems, except Joe Wilson.

Joe Wilson is at best a backup monday morning quarterback lacking an offensive line.  Every shred of his argument has been destroyed, yet he still insists on shouting into the whirlwind.

Joe, I again repeat my memo.  Go find yourself some Ivory Towered, People's Republic College someplace where you can revisit your adventures and tell your tales.  Your credibility is in shreds.  Your 15 minutes are UP!!
Here endeth the lesson.

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