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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Back from a short trip to the Bahamas and other points southward. Looks to me like Bonjo did a great job of picking up the slack, however his photoshopped Hillary Hood picture makes her look far to feminine.

Some comments on events occurring in my absence from the Blogosphere:

Dick "Big Time" Cheney vs. Patrick "Beaker" Leahey

Seems that Cheney dropped the F Bomb on Leahey last week during an exchange on the Senate floor. I didn't read much about it as I was on a secluded beach far from the reach of modern telecommunications equipment. Never the less, I feel the need to add my commentary to the event.

It's about damn time somebody unloaded on Patrick "Beaker" Leahey. If you're wondering why I call him "Beaker", remember the old Muppet Show. Beaker was the muppet who never said anything, just constantly said gibberish in a whiny, high pitched voice. Leahey is the personification of Beaker.

Now for the controversial commentary. Profanity has its place in civil discourse. The F Bomb, when used appropriately, can be a very effective form of punctuation. That is what Cheney did to Leahey. Leahey was out of line, and Cheney called him on it in a way designed to let the recipient know exactly how the sender felt.

I, for one, find the candid language very refreshing.

Iraq Handover

Very well done by W and company. I have no doubt al Zarqawi and company were planning major disruptive attacks for June 30. Great way to deprive the suicidal fantatics of an opportunity.

Al Zarqawi has to feel like a quarterback whose offensive line has crumbled as he is about to attempt a long pass. He hears the footsteps behind him, and he knows its not his own guy. Those footsteps are those of some very angry and heavily armed US soldiers and marines. If I were Al Zarqawi, I'd be very, very afraid.


Saddam was legally handed over to the Iraqi interim government today. US troops will still guard him, however. According to news reports, he and the other high value prisoners were "surprised" to find out about their legal transfer. Surprised to me is a code word for "worried". Something tells me Saddam was hoping for a US trial, and not one by his victims.

Saddam, Uday and Kusay are waiting.

Hillary Rumors

Drudge is reporting rumors, again, of Lurch's intent to tap Hillary as his VP. Lurch, if you listen to one thing I ever say, please pick this woman. The fun I'll get out of taking shots, even the obvious ones, at your combined inadequacy and incompetence will be worth the effort.

Finally, CNN vs. Fox News

I don't like CNN. I don't watch CNN unless I have no other source for news. Well, on the cruise there was no other source for news other than CNN Headline News. I couldn't stomach much of it, so I didn't watch it. When I did, every other break was prefaced with the phrase:

CNN - The most trusted news source!

Ok, maybe they managed to pay some survey group to put out survey results that tagged them as "the most trusted".

I hate to rain on their parade, but according to Business Wire, Fox News has twice the audience of any other cable news network. CNN may be trusted, but nobody is watching.

Market forces are truly cruel forces of nature.

Here endeth the lesson.
How dare you compare Leaky Leahy with Beaker? That's just insulting, demeaning, and unfair...

...To Beaker, that is.
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