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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Who you are is sometimes defined by who you're with:

Usually this proverb is given to teenagers when parent's don't like the people their kids are dating.

As I won't face that situation for many years, I'll relate the proverb to Lurch. He's been out lately with prominent left leaning politicians. This is a normal course of events on the campaign trail, but Lurch is hanging out with some pretty extreme leftists lately.

Today he's cooling his heels with Ralph "Its not easy being green" Nader. This guy's claim to fame used to be his book Unsafe at any speed. The book, meant to wipe the Chevy Corvair off the automobile landscape, did the exact opposite. The Corvair is one of Chevy's most notable classics.

But I digress.

Nader's claim to fame is his help in electing W. I'm not going to dispute that his Green candidacy siphoned votes from Algore. I'm personally exhorting all of my lefty friends to vote Nader. More power to the guy.

Lurch is meeting with Nader. The obvious but unstated purpose of this meeting can be summed up in the following thought which is foremost in Lurch's otherwise vacant skull cavity:

If you (Nader) don't drop out of this race, its gonna cost me the oval.

Nader shows no sign of quitting. Again, more power to him.

Previous to the Green show, Lurch campaigned with another heavy left hitter. Dr. Howie "I have a scream" Dean. Damn, I miss that guy. He was a bigger target than Lurch. Howie made nice, having nicely recovered from the after effects of the ass whooping he got in Iowa. But remember, that scream is never far from the surface with Howie.

My point? Neither of these guys make Lurch look any better. They won't push his numbers higher. One, Nader, could torpedo his campaign all together.

People in the Lurch campaign complain he hasn't had a chance to define himself - that he still (after more than a year on the campaign trail) needs to introduce himself to the American people.

In addition to overcoming the likeability, trustability, and overall perception of lifelessness, Lurch will also have to free himself from the dead weight of those people standing next to him on the platform.

I believe it would be easier to sustain flight with a dead rhino on his back.

Here endeth the lesson.
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