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Saturday, May 08, 2004
On Rummy and Captain Aso:

My father told me this story, and I verified it with someone who knows about this kind of thing. Truth or Fiction, it does prove a point.

Many years ago, a Japan Airlines 707 landed close to San Francisco International Airport. Actually, it landed two miles short of the runway. The only way the people on board knew they weren’t at the airport is by seeing the sailboats out in the Frisco Bay.

It was a clear day, no weather problems, and visibility was in the neighborhood of 10 miles. An investigation was called. It was to be televised live and much fervor existed as to how the Americans would treat the Japanese Captain, a man by the name of Aso.

So the appointed day came, and the hearing was begun. Cameras were still being set up and focused when Captain Aso and his crew arrived at the witness table. Only three of the five investigators had actually taken their seats when the questioning began.

The first question, as the story goes, was made to Captain Aso.

Investigator: Captain Aso, can you please explain how your 707 came to land two miles short of the runway on a clear day with 10 miles visibility and no weather interferance?

Captain Aso rose and straightened his impeccable uniform, leaned into the microphone and stated:

As you Americans say, Aso f*** up.

The hearing ended shortly thereafter.

Now, you may be wondering how I’m gonna tie this into the Rummy show of yesterday.

I have never been more proud of Rummy than I was yesterday. He took the Senate bull by the horns and came out a clear winner. He took responsibility, as is his duty, for the actions of those under his command. So did each one of the men at the witness table. Where mistakes were made, they were admitted to, and a plan of rectification was clearly stated.

I greatly admire the way he didn’t back down before the likes of Hillary “We are the President” Clinton, Ted “Dude, where’s my scotch” Kennedy, and Robert “KKK” Byrd. The statements of those three stooges, in addition to others on the panel, were ludicrous. More than once, Rummy was quick to cut them down to size with variations of the following phrase:

Senator, those aren’t quite the facts.

I believe this inquisition will blow up in the faces of the hard core congressional liberals. The American people like their military. So much so that during the Afghanistan War, Rummy’s daily press briefings beat out the soap operas for ratings on a daily basis. If the libs keep up their attack on Rummy and his boys, the people are going to see it as an attack on the military by congress. Not a good plan.

Now the final question: Why was this hearing scheduled at 11:45 eastern time? Perhaps to allow for west coast viewers to tune in. Maybe. My guess, however, is it was the earliest time anyone could put Ted “Dude, where’s my scotch” Kennedy on the air and have him appear remotely sober.

Sorry guys, it was far too early for that.

Here endeth the lesson.

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