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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
On a "Proportionate" Response:

The EU President, Irish Foreign Minister Brian Cowen, made a complete ass of himself today. He decried the Israeli attack on Palestinian demonstrators, a conflict that claimed 10 lives and wounded 50, as a "reckless disregard for human life." He went on to say the following:

"It is clear that today's action was completely disproportionate to any threat faced by the Israeli military and that Israeli forces showed a reckless disregard for human life."

I am not familiar with the circumstances that led up to the street battle, therefore I (unlike Mr. Cowen) will not comment on them.

What I do know is there is one side of this conflict that has a complete disregard for human life. They send their sons and daughters into pizza parlors strapped with high explosive vests. Then they detonate said sons and daughters with the express purpose of killing as many people as possible. They also pack vehicles full of explosives and blow them up next to tour buses. Eternal glory for them is found in the taking of truly innocent, non combatant lives.

Mr. Cowen is concerned the Israeli response is disproportionate to the threat faced by Israel from the Palestinians. Being that the stated goal of the Palestinian Authority (and the rest of the Arab street for that matter) is to push Israel and her people into the sea.

What, pray tell, is a proportionate response to those kind of people? They have already proven time and time again they cannot be negotiated with. Arafat appears (wrongly so) powerless to stop the violence. It might help if he stopped compensating the families of the homicide bombers. The only thing they seem to understand is the aggressive use of lethal military force.

I wonder what Mr. Cowen's proportionate response would be to someone setting off a bomb in a pizza parlor frequented by his children? Would he show restraint? Would he try and negotiate a peace with the murderers?

Somehow I doubt that.

Final thought - the EU has a rotating presidency, which I guess means no one is really in charge.

Here endeth the lesson.
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