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Thursday, May 13, 2004
On Nick Berg:

Much has been made of the events that led up to Nick Berg’s being in Iraq. Maybe he shouldn’t of been there in the first place. Maybe he should’ve taken the State Department’s offer of a free flight home. Shoulda. Coulda. Oughtta.

Let’s cut to the chase. Nick Berg was a human being. After listening to Rush yesterday, and Laura Ingram this morning, I took it upon myself to find the video of Berg’s murder and watch it for myself. Not because I’m an overly ghoulish person. But I had to see what passes for moral equivalence in today’s discourse.

You see, the whining from the left insinuates Berg’s murder is retaliation for the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners. They whine that if we’ll just withdraw from Iraq and let it fall back into chaos, the terrorists will leave us alone and no one else will suffer the fate of Nick Berg.

Berg’s murder is typically referred to as a beheading. Beheading brings up images of an executioner with a sharp axe, or Madam Guillotine of the French revolution. Swift, clean, quick deaths. I guess that’s one thing the French knew how to do right.

Nick Berg was not beheaded.

Nick Berg’s head was separated from his shoulders by some pathetic excuse for a human being using what looked to be a very dull saw. He was alive for the whole grisly process. You can view for yourself here, however I do not recommend it for those of weak of heart or stomach.

I am very angry. I wanted to reach through the computer screen and separate the heads of the murderers from their own bodies with my bare hands. Nick Berg never did anything to hurt those wastes of skin and breathable air. He was there to help rebuild their disaster of a country. And for that his life was taken in a way I will not begin to describe.

If you see the video, and even if you don’t, I want you to remember one thing. This is what those sick bastards want to do to you. They want to do it to you, your spouse, and your family. Why? I could list their reasons, but I won’t. They want to kill you because of who you are, where you live, and the fact that you’re different than them.

In a previous entry, I referred to these sick bastards as just slightly above the level separating humans from animals. For the record, I hereby retract that statement. These sick bastards are truly a lower life form incapable of rational thought.

How do we deal with them? To borrow a line from the West Wing’s Josh Lyman:

First you kill the people who did it. Then you kill the people who planned it. Then you kill all the people who laughed while watching it.

Do I hear any reasonable arguments to the contrary? Remember, I said reasonable.

Here endeth the lesson.

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