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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
On Boldness:

There is a need in today's world for bold leaders. It is they who must stand calmly before the whirlwind and remain steadfast despite the best efforts of their advesarys. Their foundation must be sure, and their will must be strong.

I saw a little of that in W last night. His whirlwind is made up of left bent politicians, pundits, and detractors whose main goal in life is his demise.

The hell with my country, they think. This guy has got to go.

You know what really pisses them off? W doesn't care what they think. To me, that is refreshing. W doesn't wake up every morning and take a poll as to what to have for breakfast. Laura says he doesn't read his own news coverage. Why? He already knows what he thinks, that's why.

Enemies both foreign and domestic are taking their best shots at him, yet he is unbowed by their criticism. He believes what he believes is right - and he will not let the nattering naysayers of negativism change his course.

Contrast this with the junior senator from the Bay State, affectionately known as Lurch. This guy can't even decide if he actually owns an SUV. He can't make up his mind if he wants to show off his Vietnam medals (by the way, did you know he served in Vietnam?) or if he wants to boast how he threw them over the White House fence in 1971. He's been on so many sides of so many issues, sometimes he forgets which side he's currently on.

Which man do you want to stand before the whirlwind?
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