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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
On Algore:

I have never liked Algore. Not as a Senator, not as Der Schleikmeister's Veep, and certainly not as a presidential candidate. I don't understand why Democrats continue to see this guy as relevant. He took their best hopes for a continued Clinton presidency and single handedly drove it into the ground.

He lost, people. Tell him to return to the blessed obscurity from whence he came forth. His fifteen minutes are up.

Never the less, Algore gave a speech today. In it was contained three and a half years of pent up frustration. Why is Algore frustrated? Because he knows in his heart he should be the one flying around in Air Force One. He knows that were it not for some mentally challenged voters in Florida, he would be doing just that. Want to know another reason why he's frustrated?

America doesn't care.

So Algore rants and raves, each time becoming more and more unintelligeable. I could go through his speech point by point and refute it line by line, but I won't. I have better things to do. And so does the rest of America.

America is very grateful that Algore isn't in the Oval Office. They know he cannot be trusted to make the hard and politically incorrect decisions required of a Chief Executive in time of War. America knows that if Algore sat behind that desk, we would be less safe and more likely to suffer another attack than we are today.

Those, my friends, are facts. Facts are stubborn things.

So, Al, feel free to rant and rave. Vent all you want. It is, after all, your Constitutionally protected right to do so.

Just realize when most of America thinks of you, one term overrides all other thoughts:


Here endeth the lesson.
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