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Monday, May 24, 2004
Lurch posts for the day:

Wouldn't it be nice to change the rules of a game you aren't winning? Lurch thinks so. His latest scheme to even the money race between him and W is to delay accepting the Dem nomination for president for a month or so after the Boston convention in late July. He wants to do this because he'll be able to spend the money he raised during the primary season because he's limited in what he can spend after he accepts the nomination. The democratic convention is roughly one month before the W party in NYC.

First off, its doubtful this would be legal, but any ruling on legality from the FEC would come post election and carry with it a minor fine. Democrats have a habit of changing election rules/laws whenever it furthers their overall pursuits of power - just remember the 2000 Florida election fiasco where the Florida Supreme Court kept rewriting election laws to further the Algore recount.

Second - W took a tumble off a mountain bike at the end of a 17 mile ride near his ranch in Crawford, TX. He's got the scrapes and bruises to show for it. Lurch took a shot at him today by asking if the training wheels fell off his bike.

I will remind the reader that Lurch himself has taken several tumbles in the past few months, most notably snowboarding in Idaho, but also from his "Sissy" bike pictured here below:

Again, I ask you, can you picture this guy as Commander in Chief?

Yes, I can picture him as Commander-in-Chief....

... of the French Pansy Bicycle Brigade.
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