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Monday, April 12, 2004
On the PDB Memo:

First off, let me explain that I am not an Intelligence Official. I am in no way, shape, manner or form associated with any intelligence agency of the United States or any other country for that matter. The information and commentary provided here is of my own production.

I have published for your perusal a redacted copy of a Presidential Daily Brief dated 6 August 2001. Critics of the W Administration have proclaimed this memo to be the smoking gun pointing to the allegation that W was forewarned about the impending attacks carried out on September 11, 2001.

I have read the memo. Several times, actually. In it I see vague intelligence information describing what anyone watching 60 minutes already knew. Usama “Binny” Ladin wanted to attack the United States, possibly with explosives. Other threats included possible attacks on embassies.

What I do not see is anything worth acting on. Perhaps that part was redacted. I do not think it was. Can any of you honestly look me in the eye and tell me there was anything there that would’ve justified sending troops to Afghanistan, or any other country, in a pre 9/11 world? Be honest with yourself. I know its hard.

“Tiny” Dick Clarke has himself stated for the record that even if W did every single thing he suggested, the attacks of September 11th most likely would have still happened. Condi agrees with him.

The fact is Clinton’s sorry excuse for and Administration had the opportunity to grab Binny Ladin – on three separate occasions. Action to capture or kill Binny was not taken. I believe the reasoning was no legal authority existed to hold him. Funny how we can arrest people for jaywalking in New York City, but when it comes to putting cuffs on a known terrorist we got cold feet.

But, I digress.

So, peruse the memo below. I’d expect polite debate from the loony lefties out there, but that would require them to have the ability to read. Then critical thinking would have to take over, and that's just asking too much.

Here endeth the lesson.

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