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Friday, March 26, 2004
A few light hearted thoughts for Friday:

First, go to Google and enter the following search phrase: “French Military Victories” and click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. It leads to a very interesting cultural and military history of the French.

Second, and finally, Lurch got the kiss of death yesterday. He showed up in DC at a democratic unity event with the following in-duh-viduals:

Jimmy “Ask me about my failures in North Korea, Haiti, and Iran” Carter
Bill “Lend me your interns” Clinton
Howard “I have a Scream!” Dean
Albert Arnold “Algore” Gore
And last, but not least, The Reverend “You can call me Al” Sharpton

According to MSNBC, Clinton stole the show. They rave about it, but tell me honestly, how hard is it to steal the show from Lurch? All you need is a pulse. Evidently the night netted $11 Million for Lurch’s cash starved campaign.

W’s answer? He was in Boston raising a few million all by himself.

While Lurch might have made out pretty well financially (it was either do a fundraiser or marry another rich widow), he may also have accidently on purpose given his campaign the first of many kisses of death.

You’ll remember the fates of the last few major candidates to be endorsed by Algore and Clinton and Company. A vast majority of them went down to resounding defeat. The Democratic All-Stars may give Lurch a badly needed infusion of cash, but it could and most likely will end up killing his campaign in the end.

Here endeth the lesson.

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