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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
On the State of the Union Show:

I don’t really have all that much to add to W’s speech last night. It was a good one, well crafted and well delivered. This constitutionally mandated report to congress regarding the state of the union has become more about politics, pomp, and circumstance than an actual report, and I guess in the modern world this is as it should be.

What I do want to comment on is the reaction to the speech, both during, and after its delivery.

Hillary ‘Look at me! I’m relevant, I really am!!’ Clinton: She looks longingly at two places in the chamber – the First Lady’s box, and the podium. The former is where she used to sit and look down upon her subjects with feigned royalty. The latter is a place she hopes to stand one day as the focus of the world’s attention. Get used to the spectator’s gallery, Hil.

Teddy ‘Dude, where’s my Scotch?’ Kennedy: Somebody made Teddy give up the sauce for the evening. That’s the only viable explanation for the permanent scowl engraved on his face. W should have praised him again for his work on the education bill just to see the man seethe with rage. Now that would’ve been worth the price of admission.

Nancy “San Francisco Treat’ Pelosi: This woman is scary. If she has one more face lift, her ears will meet behind her head. Add that to the incoherent statements flowing from her oral cavity and you have a portrait of why the Democratic party is circling the drain in an election year.

Tom ‘I’m not a Leader, but I play one in Washington DC’ Daschle: This guy should send in an audition tape for HBO’s Six Feet Under. He looks and talks like a mortician. Beware those heavy footsteps catching up to you Tommy. Your performance last night gave plenty of ammunition to John Thune for use against you in November.

Speaking of the Nancy and Tom show after the speech, why is it the Dems felt the need to double their numbers in the rebuttal? I’ve been watching these shows for years and can’t remember when the last time was I saw two members of the opposition party give a joint rebuttal. Rebuttals are seldom watched anyway. That being said, J.C. Watts said more in his 15 minute rebuttal than Clinton did in his entire 90 minute State of the Union Show.

Just proves that what you say means much more than how much you say it.

Here endeth the lesson.

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