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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
On Orson Scott Card:

I know little about Mr. Card. I know he writes science fiction books - Ender's Game comes to mind, even though I have not read it. Perhaps now I will. Mr. Card somehow managed to get himself published in the Wall Street Journal editorial page - no small accomplishment if you ask me - and it turns out he has a pretty good head welded on his shoulders.

Check out the article here.

It would seem to me that intelligent democrats are yelling, screaming, and doing anything else they can to somehow get the leadership of their party to listen.

Cliff? What cliff? I don't see any cliff!

Mr. Card has it right. There is no reasonable alternative to W in the current crop of nine naysayers. I would even have to exclude the congressional and senatorial leadership from that group as well. There is a sensible democrat in the senate, but Zell Miller is retiring.

The Democratic Party would do well to listen to Mr. Card. Will they? Don't hold your breath.

Here endeth the lesson.
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