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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
On Election Day:

Its election day in my neighborhood. This means that I must find the place where I am to vote and, even though I’m not greatly informed on the candidates, cast a ballot for the people who run my city and county. I will do so, even though it isn’t very convienent for me to do so. Its my civic duty. More importantly if I do not vote, I believe I’ve forfeited my right to complain. Can’t have that now can we?

I have but one observation on the difference between the two parties in my county. There are Republicans and Democrats. Although by the signs and mailers I’ve seen and received, there are Republicans and “Bi-partisan leaders”, or “Mainstream Values”, or “For All the People”. Not one sign or mailer identifies the candidate as a Democrat.

Now I admit I live in a fairly conservative district. But I have one requirement for casting a vote for somebody – even if its only the schlep that runs the water district. If you’re a Republican, tell me – and I must say, all of the Republican candidates have stated their party affiliation – prominately and proudly in most cases. If you’re a Democrat, have the courage to state that fact. Don’t hide behind progressive labels. If you have to hide your party affiliation, you my fellow county resident, aren’t qualified to represent me – even as the dog catcher.

Here endeth the lesson.

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