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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
On Rush:

In the past few days, Rush has proven one of the many corollaries to Murphy’s Law to be true. Not only will every thing that can go wrong, it will do so in the worst possible order for maximum effect.

I have but a few comments on the alleged and now admitted to drug use. I admire Rush Limbaugh and have been a loyal listener to his program since 1992. His admission to being addicted to prescription painkillers does nothing to change my admiration for him. He has an addiction. He is dealing with it. The circumstances that led up to this admission are questionable at best. Never the less, Rush doesn’t cry victim, nor ask for sympathy. This is his problem. He got himself where he is and needs help to get out of the hole he dug. Whatever consequences there may be for his actions, he will deal with them like a man. Of that I have no doubt.

I find questionable and suspicious the actions of the National Enquirer. It is a documented fact they sat on this story for more than two years. Conventional wisdom dictates if you have an explosive story, you print it. It the story lacks substance, credibility, or facts, you file it in the cylindrical filing cabinet. The source of the allegations, the housekeeper, has spun such a tangled yarn it is difficult to believe any of it. The sheer volume she alleges is mind boggling – but may be true. Either way, she’s in more danger of jail time than is the Maha Rushie simply because she’s the dealer. We frown much harder on dealers than users.

As for the media frenzy over this issue, I have but one comment. Years ago a woman by the name of Gennifer Flowers came forward in the National Enquirer and claimed to have had a 12 year relationship with then Governor turned Presidential Candidate Bill Clinton (hereafter referred to as Wilhem von der Schliekmeister). In addition to her claim to have been diddled by der Schliekmeister for well over a decade was also an allegation that said Schliekmeister snorted cocaine like a Hoover vacuum cleaner – her description, not mine. So much so that he commented to her that his head itched – evidently a common reaction to sustained cocaine use. Add this allegation to the fact that George Clinton, der Schliekmeister’s brother, did prison time for cocaine trafficking and you have what would seem to be a major story for the press to gobble up.

You and I both know this never happened. Flowers was buried in the middle of the papers and the cocaine allegation was simply never mentioned.

Now, if you are to believe the housekeepers story about Rush’s drug purchases as reported in the Enquirer, should we not then also demand an investigation into der Schliekmeister’s fascination with long white powder lines on a mirror?

One final comment. When confronted with allegations of his addiction, Rush stood up, admitted his problem, and immediately took action to rectify the problem. No grand juries, no denials, nada. Compare that to der Schliekmeister’s behavior when confronted with his own illegal activity. Night and day difference. Der Schliekmeister is still trying to define what “is” is.

Here endeth the lesson.

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