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Tuesday, August 05, 2003
On Syria and Iran:

Not that I expect anyone from Syria or Iran to read this, but with the wonders of the web, one never really knows where the written word will go.

I have one question for these two countries. Do you feel lucky?

I ask this after reading various news articles about these two nations, both of which have been proven time and time again to harbor, protect, fund, and other wise support terrorists. Secretary Powell has already warned Syria. Iran has recently refused to hand over senior al-Qaida members. So I ask them, “Do you feel lucky?”

Are there four armored divisions in Iraq, or only three? You know, in all the fog of war and the confusion that follows it, I’ve kind of lost track myself. Either way, you’re both looking down the barrel of the finest, most lethal, well trained military force ever to be assembled in the history of warfare. Its no secret that any part of this force has the capability of blowing both of your puny, backwards, tin horn dictatorships off the face of the earth with very little effort. Add to that the fact the 4th Infantry Division is feeling kind of left out because they spent most of the spring bobbing around in ships off the coast of Turkey.

Now there’s a chance we might just leave you two alone. Then again, Saddam thought the same thing. He went from having his choice of palaces to sleep in to sharing a sand pit with any number of his closest associates – all of whom are wondering what they could do with $25 million in change.

Again, I ask – “Do you feel lucky?”

Well, do ya? Punks?

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